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  • The table is driven by steel gears box with 12 speeds change and rapid feed for positioning of work piece.


  • Ni-Cr alloy steel spindles are supported by three super precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings. The spindle drive can be operated as manual feed, micro feed and automatic feed. It is idea for precision millimg and drilling operations.


  • All gears that drive the horizontal spindle system are made of alloy steel, precision ground and hardened for heavy cutting and quiet operation. The automatic lub. system keeps the gears lubricated at all times. The 5HP motor drive with 6 speed chenges offers high torque cutting in wide range of speeds.


  • To ensure smooth operation under hugh speed and to eliminate noise and vibration in the vertical head, the vari-disc is treated with HD polymer at the inside diameter using a patented process. (CNS {atent NO. 7225810)
Machine Type LC-20 VSG LC-20 VGN LC-20 VGA LC-20 VHS LC-20 VHN LC-20 VHA
Longitudinal travel 800 mm (31.5") / Opt: 920mm (36.2")
Cross travel 415 mm (16.3")
Vertical travel 460 mm (18") 435 mm (17.1")
Working Surface 1,300 mm X 260 mm (51" X 10") / Opt: 1,420mm (56")
Working surface to ground A01 910 - 1,370 mm (35.8 - 53.9") 925 - 1,360 mm (36.4 - 53.5")
Max. Loading 200 Kg
T-slot (no. x width x pitch) 3 X 15.875 mm X 63.5 mm (3 X 0.625" X 2.5")
Machine Size 
Length A02 2,110 - 2,580 mm (83.1 - 101.6")
Width A03 1,900 mm (74.8")
Height A04 2,270 (89.4")
Weight 1,800 kgs (3,960 lbs) 2,010 kgs (4,422 lbs)
Coolant pump O 1/8 HP
Vertical Spindle    
Milling head 20 VS 20 VN 2 G 20 VS 20 VN 2 G
Quill Swivel (R&L/90°) B01 V V V V V V
Quill Swivel (F&B/45°) B02 V V V V V V
Spindle nose to table 80~540mm (3.1"~21.3") 115~550mm (4.5"~21.7")
Spindle nose to column surface B04 355~825 mm (14"~32.5") 255~725mm (10"~28.5") 355~825 mm (14"~32.5") 255~725mm (10"~28.5")
Overarm travel B05 470 mm (18.5")
Overarm Swivel 360°
Feed System  
Longitudinal  22~690mm (0.8"~27.2")/ min
Longitudinal rapid feeds 2100mm (82.7")/ min
Vertical 800mm (31.5")/ min
Longitudinal motor 1 / 0.5 HP  4 / 8 P
Vertical motor 1.5 HP 6P
Horizontal Spindle  
Spindle Speed 50 HZ X 45~980 rpm (6 Steps)
60 HZ  X 55~1,180 rpm (6 Steps)
Spindle motor X 5 HP 4P
Spindle taper X NST 40
Spindle centerline to table C01 X  -25~410 mm (-1~16.1")
Spindle centerline to overarm C02 X 146 mm (5.7")
Spindle centerline to column surface C03 X 28 mm (1.1")
20VS Head
2G Head

Milling head specification 
Milling Head 20 VS  20 VN 2G
Spindle Taper NST 40 NST 40 NST 40
Spindle Motor(3Ph) 3 HP 3 HP 5 HP
Quill Diameter 90 mm 90 mm 110 mm
Quill Travel 127 mm (5 ") 127 mm (5") 135 mm (5.3")
Vertical Feeds 0.04/0.08/0.16 mm 0.04/0.08/0.16 mm 0.035/0.070/0.14 mm
Spindle Speed 50 HZ 50~3,750 rpm (Variable) 60-3,000 rpm (16 Steps) 60-3,000 rpm (16 Steps)
60 HZ 60~4,500 rpm (Variable) 75-3,600 rpm (16 Steps) 75-3,600 rpm (16 Steps)
Inverter (Option) X O O
Bigger spindle motor (Option) 5 HP 5 HP X
Single phase motor (Option) X X X
2 speed motor (Option) X O O

Machine Type LC-20 VSG LC-20 VGN LC-20 VGA LC-20 VHS LC-20 VHN LC-20 VHA
Y axis ball screws (grade C5) O O O O O O
Y power feed O O O O O O
8 Speed grad box feed system for Y-Axis O O O O O O
1420 mm X 260 mm long table O O O O O O
Scales O O O O O O
Coolant system O O O V V V
Coolant tray O O O V V V
Automatic lubrication system O O O O O O
Halogen light    O O O O O O
Air power drawbar (Vertical) O O O O O O
5"(127mm) riser block O O O O O O
Tapping Unit  O O O O O O
* Specifications may different according to option accessories and are subject to change without notice.
V: Standard ; O: Option ; X: Not Available
Edition / A02

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